Is Love With Age Difference Possible?

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4 min readDec 19, 2023

Today the concept of looking for love on a dating website is not surprising, and almost everyone has been there at least once. But when the relationship gets serious, the obstacles appear.

You can fight the distance, you can overcome the language barrier, but the main prejudice may be still stuck in your head: the age gap. Will your family and society judge you? Is it a cam or a real feeling? And the main question: is love actually possible if your partner is much younger than you?

Find Love With Age Difference

How they do it in Eastern Europe

European society has its own picture of relationship and family, what is acceptable and what is not. In the eastern part of it, it’s even more specific as Polish and Ukrainian mentalities are different from the general European. The patterns girls are raised with are not like in the West. Moreover, life circumstances can also develop ladies’ worldview and trigger their wish to marry an older man.

They look for a reliable man

So, ladies look ahead, think about their future, and try to find themselves someone who would be supportive and responsible, a man who they can rely on. It’s not calculating or cynical; it’s just a natural wish to be safe and live a life knowing that you have a shoulder to lean on if something happens.

Women > men

The demographic reality of Eastern European countries shows that there are more female citizens than male ones. It’s another reason for Slavic ladies to turn their glances overseas. Besides, an older partner holds the image of faithful and reliable, which, again, means a good future for them, so the ladies are sincerely ready to dedicate their love to someone who can be there for them.

It happens earlier

For some reason, Russians and Ukrainians have a so-called habit of hurrying up in anything they do. Unlike the Western community, they don’t live for themselves for a very long time; it’s common to get married at 20–25 and create families almost right after university. Talking about work, it’s the same: 28–30 is an approximate age for a woman to already establish her career, have some ground, and release herself in certain areas. In most cases, these are remnants of Soviet views and pressure from the older generation. More and more modern girls choose self-realization first.

What about Asia?

In Asian countries the case is pretty similar: a mail order Filipino wife won’t mind dating and marrying an older gentleman. However, the reason for that a little bit differs from the European ones.

The historical influence

For many years in Asian countries, there has been a tradition of parental agreement. It means that marriage happens according to the deal that the bride’s and groom’s parents have made in advance. Honestly, the couple didn’t have much choice, and usually, the age gap between them was five years and more. Thus parents were trying to make a good match for their child and guarantee a safe future.

In some districts, this procedure is still performed, but the majority of modern Asian families give their children the right to choose their destiny themselves. However, the influence of the past is still strong, so no wonder Asian women also tend to like older men.

So is the miracle possible?

But, in the end, is it even real? Can you live happily ever after having chosen a bride, who is a decade younger than you? Here is a list of reasons why you can be perfectly fine with an age gap in the relationship.

  • There is a lot you can teach each other. As you come from different generations, you can have matching, but still a little different, worldviews; it’ll help you complete each other and give you a fresh look at things from another point of view.
  • Slavic and Asian women are more defined. They know what they want from life, their behavior is more mature and they’re ready to dedicate their time. Effort and affection to one person without fooling around.
  • In the end, age is only a number. Always remember that there is a person in front of you, and, no matter how old you are, no matter how young she is, if you feel that it’s right, go on with no doubt. Trust your heart; it knows it better than you do!


Age is often perceived as a barrier in relationships or rejects the authenticity of feelings. However, it’s not the years between you that define the depth of your connection, but the shared values, mutual respect, and willingness to grow together. Many cross-cultural couples with significant age differences have built strong, mutually fulfilling families, proving that you too can overcome doubts and find a foreign woman online who shares your life direction and dreams.

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