How to Overcome Language Barriers With a Mail Order Bride

Bright Paul
3 min readDec 14, 2023

Almost every international marriage is affected by language barriers. On the one hand, the fact that two in a couple don’t speak the same language perfectly may unite them as they’ll try to resort to body language and other non-verbal contacts. But on the other hand, language barriers can turn mere communication into a struggle.

Whatever the outcome is, linguistic obstacles can still be a litmus test for your relationship. If you want to overcome language barriers, are ready to work for your common future, and be patient with each other, look through the insights from our experts.

How Does The Language Barrier Affect Your Relationship?

You decided to buy a bride of the preferred appearance, character, and nationality but are afraid the quality of communication may suffer because she doesn’t speak English well and you don’t, e.g., Chinese or Ukrainian. Here are some examples of difficulties when there is a language barrier.

Emotional detachment

Basic vocabulary will help both of you understand each other sufficiently. Nevertheless, one day you’ll see that you need to talk about your feelings and one (or two) of you will lack the vocabulary to express that. Hence, you’ll feel less attached emotionally.


The lack of lexis will also make it troublesome for you to share views on life or transfer your thoughts on a particular matter. Differences in culture and verbal interpretation may lead to misunderstandings, so you should brace for quarrels that may pop up on this basis.

Humor Struggles

Another problem is that it might be challenging for both of you to have fun together. Humor is specific in each language, and sometimes it’s not possible to translate some things literally or to explain them in other words as the humoristic part will disappear.


As both of you don’t understand each other well, you’ll often get distracted, losing the flow of ideas when listening and thinking about choosing the right word or grammar when speaking next.

How to Overcome Language Barriers?

English holds the title of the most extensively spoken language. So most likely your beloved mail order bride comes from one of the countries with a high English proficiency index. Nevertheless, here’s the recipe to bridge language barriers and strengthen communication with your foreign lady:

  • Study the language of your partner. But seriously, start with simple, everyday phrases in your partner’s language, take advantage of language learning apps, take up some courses, or get a tutor.
  • Communicate non-verbally. Sometimes it’s useful to forget the language. You’ve got glancing, gestures, and facial expressions, so play games! Moreover, you can try something more intimate than that — your bodies will speak for themselves.
  • Help your partner but don’t be too intrusive. Assist her in learning your language: explain slang, colloquialisms, and correct mistakes. However, don’t sound like a teacher. You aren’t at school, after all.
  • Be simple. To understand each other better, make sure both of you choose words correctly. First of all, they should be simple. Secondly, avoid words with dubious meaning. This will help you to optimize communication and dodge misunderstandings.
  • Be patient. There is no better advice than this: you cannot help each other understand your languages better unless you’re patient. It may take years to master a language, so brace for more challenges.

After all, remember that the language of true love is a universal idiom, and if there are genuine feelings, no obstacles will bar you from each other.


Language barriers? They’re just small hurdles on the path to something genuinely special. Think of it this way: every new word you learn, every mispronounced phrase that leads to laughter, it’s all building a unique bond that’s yours. You might find a connection with an overseas bride that’s deeper and more real than anything you’ve ever known.



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